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Somebody gave our lovely basset hound our last name

Broadmoor Bureau Chief

Tilly Bialas.

Saw the name on her package of allergy medicine in our freezer.
Tilly Bialas. Never thought of that.

It makes sense. Tilly is her name, short for Matilda. She is our 6-year-old basset hound, so she is part of the Bialas family. A beloved Bialas basset.

Tilly Bialas it will be, without the quotes around her first name, because it isn’t a nickname. It’s what she’s always been called.

Tilly hears well but won’t have to listen to or read the variety of butchered pronunciations of our surname: Vitalis, Cialis, Ballace, Bowless, Beealis, Baylis, Bayless.

A guy once asked me if was I related to Skip Bayless. Nope, though I helped him with his column one time. That’s a story for my memoir.

For the record, this is how we say our last time: Bye Alice.

Now it’s time to get back to Tilly because I assume that’s why you are here.

Tilly Tuesday is something I started last month on Instagram and will expand to this space: A picture of Tilly ever…

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